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What to do if the sewer is blocked?

Sewer is an important drainage system to dredge the liquid waste in the home, but the sewer is often blocked by various objects, once blocked, it will be very troublesome. If you don't go under the dirty water, the sewage will return to smell. It is very bad and disgusting, and it will have a peculiar smell, which will bring great inconvenience to our life. The most urgent task for some inexperienced people is to do nothing at all. The only way is to ask professional dredge sewer master first aid, today teach you sewer blockage. A clever way to solve the problem by yourself.

Small clever ways to dredge the blocked sewer

1. The drain is full of water. Press it down with the plug and lift it vigorously. In this way, a certain pressure and pumping force will be formed, which may flush away the blocked debris.

2. Find a wire or steel wire with a diameter of 0.5mm, about 2-3m long, fold it in half from the middle, and then screw it into a strand. Then extend one end of the wire into the sewer pipe and grasp the other end. When you encounter resistance, if you can't screw it in, pull it out, and the sundries can be hooked out. After several times, it can be basically dredged

3. Supermarkets sell "pipe pass" to clean up this kind of pipe blockage. According to the degree of blockage, pour in the right amount. A bottle of 15-20 yuan can be done

4. When the sewer is blocked, the rubber pipe of the air pump can be plugged into the drainage pipe, and the water outlet is sealed, and then sufficient water is put in to quickly pump air into the sewer, and the sewer can be dredged.

5. We can also use washing powder and hot water, such as pouring 1 cup of washing powder into the blocked sewer, and then pouring 3 cups of hot water. If you can't clear the drain, pour another cup of vinegar into it, and it's done.

6. Soda and vinegar: first prepare cooked soda powder and high concentration vinegar. Pour proper amount of cooked soda powder into the sewer, and then pour appropriate amount of high concentration vinegar. If the soda powder reacts violently with vinegar, the sticky things such as grease in the pipeline can be removed.

7. Hot water and washing powder dredging method kitchen sewer blockage, can be put into the water bucket hot water and washing powder washed down, the pipeline can be dredged.

8. When the kitchen sewer is blocked, the rubber tube of the air pump can be plugged into the sewer, and then a small amount of water is put into it, and the pipeline can be dredged.

9. Buy a 2m pipe dredger on the dredger's stall. Bend the pipe at 2cm of the head, drain water, put the dredger in at the water outlet, move it in while shaking, and then put in the dredger at the water inlet while draining.

How to prevent sewer blockage

1. Precautions for kitchen use

Usually, there is a funnel with a filter screen in the vegetable washing pool. It can filter the large residue. Try not to take it down at ordinary times to prevent food residue or vegetable leaves from flowing into the sewer. But toilet sewers need to pay attention not to lift the floor drain cover, although the cover will affect the bathroom sewer drainage speed, but it can effectively prevent hair and larger substances into the sewer caused by blockage, but also can reduce the number of hair into the sewer.

2. Regular cleaning

Regular use of boiling water and washing powder to clean the sewer pipe, burn a pot of boiling water, add washing powder into the sewer, so as to melt more oil and blockage on the pipe wall. This method is more effective in winter. Usually, we should pay more attention not to pour large vegetable residue into the sewer, and the hair should be cleaned in time.

The above methods are based on the specific situation of sewer blockage. If the cause of sewer blockage is due to the pipe itself, you can only ask a professional dredger to help,