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What dredge method does kitchen sewer block have

In daily life, we often encounter the problem of sewer blockage. If the sewer is blocked, it will inevitably affect the normal use of your own home, and sometimes even affect the upstairs or downstairs neighbors. So will the blockage of the underground sewer affect the upstairs? Let's learn about it.

1、 Will the sewer block downstairs affect the upstairs

1. Whether the underground sewer is blocked will affect the upstairs. Generally, it needs to be judged according to the specific location of the downstairs sewer blocking. If the underground sewer is blocked in the position of the trap, then the upstairs owners will not be affected.

2. If the sewer is blocked in the position of the main sewer pipe, the lower floor will not be able to launch water, and the leftovers in the downpipe will return to the sewer, resulting in the blockage of the whole floor. At this time, the upstairs owners will be affected.

3. However, the blockage of the sewer generally only exists in the branch pipe section of the downpipe, and the blockage phenomenon in the main sewer generally does not appear. And each family's branch pipe is directly connected with the main sewer, so upstairs and downstairs are generally not affected by each other.

2、 What dredge method does kitchen sewer block have

1. If the kitchen sewer is blocked, washing powder can be used to dredge the sewer. First into the kitchen sewer washing powder, and then pour in the right amount of hot water, and then wait for a period of time can not only dredge the blockage, but also can clean the oil stains on the inner wall of the sewer.

2. If the kitchen sewer is blocked, you can also use baking soda and vinegar to dredge. First pour half a cup of baking soda into the kitchen sewer, and then pour half a cup of vinegar. After the reaction of baking soda and vinegar, a lot of carbon dioxide will be produced, and carbon dioxide will dissolve the blockage in the sewer, and at the same time, it will generate certain pressure, so as to achieve the goal of dredging quickly.

The above is about the downstairs sewer blocking will affect the upstairs? And what dredging methods are there for the sewer blockage? I hope to help you.