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What about the special effects in the company's promotional film

The company's propaganda film is a common strategy in the company's brand promotion. In the production of the company's propaganda film, it is inevitable to choose to make video special effects. These are the technical means often seen in the enterprise video production. The following small editor of Suzhou HENGCHUANG culture company's propaganda film will take you to discuss this kind of problem.

Corporate video
1. Special effects include shooting special effects such as blasting and fireworks. The application of blasting technology is a special effect represented by chemical technology, which plays a very important role in the field of special effect industry. Generally, model tools are used to explode or 3D rendering images are used to synthesize videos, which are usually combined with other special effects strategies. Nowadays, most of the film and television works, especially those with the theme of campaign, are more and more successful in the application of model shooting tools and special effects of fireworks blasting. After the rapid development of electronic remote detonating equipment, such as the use of electronic information technology shooting methods. It is not easy to shoot the real blasting scene, because the production method of gunpowder is not the same, the shape and color of flame are also different, the specific installation position and usage amount of gunpowder are not the same, and the shape of explosion scene is not the same, which needs the support of basic theory and work experience. There are also some 3D software and plug-ins can achieve this kind of special effects, such technology application is recognized and selected by many people in the industry.

Production of publicity film
2. The shooting of model tools and drawing model tools generally refers to the use of miniature model tools instead of real scenes to shoot scenes, houses and buildings, and urban scenery that are unlikely to be shot in reality. It is a long history and always applied stunt production strategy in film and television production. With the rapid development of computer technology, the influence of digital technology on video stunt is more and more deep. It is reasonable for us to completely replace the real model tool with virtual CG model tool. However, because the real model tool has higher shooting quality and realistic sense, computer production should be considered when the real model tool cannot be realized. Therefore, at some levels, this technical means has certain limitations.