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Using Mg animation to make the viewpoint of animation propaganda film more acceptable

The use of animation for publicity is not news, but what form of animation is used for publicity has different characteristics in different times. In recent years, more and more enterprises have begun to use a special production form mg animation!

This is a very popular way of animation narrative. It uses a kind of humorous and sprightly animation combined with dubbing and music to introduce product knowledge and express opinions, which makes it easier for the audience to calm down and watch, which is in line with the popular culture and the taste of young people in the production of animation propaganda films. And this kind of animation does not stick to a certain painting style and form, coupled with humorous narration is now the most popular way to show.

Animated Promo
Mg animation design time is not long, suitable for the network animation propaganda film production dissemination.
Nowadays, people are used to using fragmented time to receive information from the outside world. Few people have a whole period of time to watch videos and animations. However, the design time of Mg animation is not very long, generally 2 to 3 minutes, which can take advantage of fragmentation time. An animation is a complete independent content, which makes people accept a knowledge point and point of view in a short time.

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Mg animation is not limited to a certain style and form of animation propaganda film, as long as the graphics of design elements can be used for animation.
This animation and traditional two-dimensional animation require a rigorous unified painting style. The style of this animation is changeable, and it has the final say of the designer of animation. It is this casual and changeable style that makes the animation itself very attractive. After all, the style you haven't seen is more refreshing.

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Mg animation production is relatively simple, suitable for non art professionals to produce.
Using the corresponding animation software can be very easy to start making, does not need how superb art skills. Because the protagonist of this kind of animation is not animation, but the effect of script and overall presentation. Maybe the clumsy animation can help the whole show a different feeling. Script, dubbing and music can improve the quality of an animation work as a whole. This is also different from the traditional two-dimensional animation.

Animated Promo
Mg animation is a good way of product introduction and promotion.
An enterprise generally spends a lot of money on advertising if it wants to publicize itself. Kujia culture thinks that although it costs a lot of money, the effect may not be good. But just a few minutes of Mg animation may bring different effects, less money, short cycle, as long as the creativity is good, the same can achieve very good results.

In the network dissemination, we regard it as a kind of entertainment rather than advertising. The enterprises that publicize at the same time of entertainment must be creative animation.