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Summer is coming, laser hair removal to understand

Summer is coming, it's time to show your figure! But the hair on your body is a little embarrassed. I believe a lot of girls have tried, depilate cream, wax paper, razor It is really convenient, economical and practical, but after a period of time, it has come out again.

Feng Yongqiang, deputy chief physician of the laser beauty center of the plastic surgery hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said laser hair removal is a good choice. Black things absorb light, and hair follicles happen to contain melanin, light into heat, heat damage hair follicles, hair follicles disappeared, body hair naturally went.

Many people have a lot of questions about laser hair removal.

What are the ways of depilation?

Feng Yongqiang: at present, there are two main types of hair removal instruments. One is laser (semiconductor laser, long pulse ruby laser, long pulse Turquoise laser and long pulse Nd: YAG laser), and the other is strong pulse light (i.e. photon). Each technology and instrument has its own characteristics. But in general, there is no significant difference between laser and intense pulsed light in hair removal efficiency. In addition, exogenous color base and photosensitizer can also be used to improve the efficiency of hair removal. Often said the freezing point depilation, refers to the treatment head with cooling device, semiconductor laser hair removal, temperature maintained about 4 degrees, can protect the skin, reduce pain.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Feng Yongqiang: the current technology (within the scope of the earth) can only make the vast majority (more than 90%) of the hair off, and the hair that can't be removed becomes small. However, due to the existence of hair follicle stem cells or other stem cells, in the past few years, there are always some hair stubbornly exploring the growth, although the number is not large, although the body is small.

Can we finish today?

Feng Yongqiang: after one treatment of laser hair removal, there are only three outcomes: slight injury, recovery and growth after rest (into retrograde period and stationary period); serious injury and disability can only last for a long time, and the hair follicles are permanently atrophied, forming small hair follicles; casualties, hair follicles are damaged, and hair disappears, but there are also cases of false death (especially long quiescent period), which will appear years later. So it can't be done at one time. It usually takes 3-8 times. The frequency of depilation is related to the anatomical location and hair properties: about 8 times of lip hair, 6 times of axillary hair, 5 times of upper limb and 3 times of lower limb.

Due to different parts of the growth cycle is not the same, the interval is not the same, generally speaking, the head and face 4-6 weeks, trunk 8 weeks. The last few times can be appropriately extended. If it is shorter than this time, what will happen if the hair follicles are not fully recovered, the body is small, and it is easy to avoid the killing of light, and the hair removal efficiency is reduced.

Can laser hair removal affect sweating?

Feng Yongqiang: hair and sweat glands seem to be related to sweat, but they are just neighbors, not husband and wife, and not father and son. The palm has no hair, still can sweat like pulp. Will the city gate fire disaster? This is the most critical laser hair removal technology, the highest place. By setting the time of thermal damage, the light and heat are limited to the hair follicles to prevent excessive damage to sweat glands and other tissues, so as not to affect sweating.

Is depilation safe?

Feng Yongqiang: up to now, depilation technology is relatively mature, according to the normal operation, generally there is no big problem. However, because depilation is non-invasive, no surgery, no bleeding, easy access, many life beauty shops also secretly laser hair removal. But laser hair removal is a medical beauty project, because the indications and parameter setting have requirements. Improper treatment may cause risks, such as blisters, discoloration, discoloration, and scarring. Of course, now many manufacturers have developed household hair removal instrument, which can only be called household hair reduction instrument, and the effect lasts for a shorter time.