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Shenzhen does not have a house to often move, the landlord did not sell for several months, rent also can not receive, what do you think

It's been 3 months since the single room next door was moved out. Before that, there was a couple of lovers.

Because it is a staircase room, I often meet to say hello.

When moving away, he said that the landlord was ready to sell the single room, so that they could quickly clean up.

In Shenzhen, no room is like this, often move around, used to.

Later, the landlord told us that she would hang out for 400000 yuan if we wanted 380000 Yuan to wipe off sweat

It's been three months, and only a few people have come to see the house.

Yesterday, the agency brought a couple about 50 years old, looked at it for a while and then shook their heads and left. Ask with the intermediary, this single room landlord increased to more than 400000.

In my heart, I wonder if I'm going to sell it

Originally, the rent of this single room was about 1600. When it was empty for such a long time, not only could it not be sold, but also the rent was confiscated. Don't the landlord feel the loss?

Dear friends, a small single room in Shenzhen costs 400000. We can imagine the price of commercial housing.

But for me, it should not cost me 400000 to buy a single room. Isn't it fragrant to buy around?