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Lily planting Teaching

After receiving the lily seed ball, we need to gently pinch it with our hands. If it is hard to touch, then the seed ball is still good. After receiving the lily seed ball, we need to plant it as soon as possible, because it will be damaged during long-distance transportation. If the root system is damaged, it's good to cut it off. If some have sprouted through transportation, we can see if there is any lower bud Break, if there is a break, then this year is not flowers.

The root system of lily seed ball is deep, so we should choose a deep basin for it. In terms of soil, the requirements are very strict. The soil with good drainage and air permeability should be selected. The prepared universal medium can also be used. Add the soil to the place 10 cm away from the basin mouth, compact it by hand, and then place the lily seed ball in turn. Pay attention to the bud when placing it The point should face outward, that is, face the basin wall, and then fill it with soil, about 1 cm away from the basin mouth. It is still compacted by hand.

Then it's watering. It's watered through at one time. Usually we see that the soil is dry, and it's watered through at one time. It's OK to see the water seeping from the bottom. When it sprouts and leaves, you can put it in the direct sunlight. Generally, you can see its beautiful flowers in two months.

Cultivation methods and precautions of lilies.

When lilies are cultured, they should be watered once in 3-5 days in spring and autumn, fertilized once in half a month in growth period, and kept at a suitable temperature of 16-24 ℃. In spring and autumn, they should provide scattering light of about 6-8 hours, shade and sunscreen in summer, loosen soil and change pots once a year, and rotate the flowerpot when receiving the light to make it grow better.

1. Water and fertilizer management.

To cultivate lily, we need to water it in spring and autumn, once every 3-5 days. In winter, we need to reduce the amount of water, once every 7 days. In the growing period, we need to apply thin fertilizer once every 15 days to supplement enough nutrients for its healthy growth.

2. The temperature is suitable.

When cultivating lilies, keep a warm environment of 16-24 ℃, so that lilies can grow healthily in the proper temperature. Spray water to cool the high temperature above 30 ℃ in summer and keep warm in winter to avoid frost damage.

3. Sufficient light.

In spring and autumn, when the sun is not strong, it should be placed at the scattering place, receiving 6-8 hours of light. In winter, it can be maintained full-time. In summer, it should be timely shaded to make it grow healthily.

4. Precautions.

1. (loosen soil and change basin) the lily needs to change basin once a year, pour out all the old soil, replace with new loose soil, do not choose alkaline soil, and plant again after pruning the root, usually loosen soil frequently to prevent the normal growth of Lily from being affected by soil hardening.

2. (rotating flowerpot) to maintain the lily, in order to make it grow better, it is necessary to rotate the flowerpot when receiving the light, and make use of the phototaxis of the lily, so that it can grow evenly, maintain a good plant type, and look more beautiful.

Lily effect.

Lily is a very beautiful and elegant flower, and it is also the most common flower to send people. The suitable crowd of lily is also relatively wide. Different colors represent different meanings. The most common variety of white lily is light, elegant, fragrant, noble and pure, which is suitable for sending lovers, relatives and friends.

Pink Lily's feeling of love, give it to the person or girlfriend you like on Valentine's day, so it can express your love more, and it also has a blessing for love. The Yellow lilies are regarded as the "flowers of the virgin" to represent gratitude and happiness. In addition to carnations, the Yellow lilies are best for mothers.

Lily can also be made into dry, its medicinal value is very high, calming the heart and mind, promoting blood circulation and other effects, mainly treating symptoms such as cough, hemoptysis, asthenia and vexation, and has special effects on curing lung collateral diseases and health care and anti-aging. There are also many ways to use it, the soup is the most common. Lilies grow between 15-25 degrees Celsius. The plant's requirement for water is to be wet, because it is good for the growth of stems and leaves, but too wet will also make its bulbs rot

Lilies bloom slightly fragrant when they bloom. If there may be symptoms of insomnia in the room, some people will feel nausea and vomiting when they smell the perfume of lily, which proves that they are very sensitive to the toxicity of flowers. People with allergies, bad heart and bad sleep should not put lilies indoors.

Lily pruning.

It's the lily blooming season recently. Many little friends are concerned about how lilies can be resurrected in the next year. Now I'll introduce the skill of resurfacing lilies.

The key to flowering is to raise the bulbs. We need to cut 5-10cm down the lily after it has withered, so as to avoid seed formation and waste of nutrition, and keep enough branches and leaves for photosynthesis. It should be noted that the trimming must not be too long or too short. After the flower trimming, we need to keep the feather duster like Lily till the late autumn. When the temperature drops, the parts on the ground will gradually wither and the nutrition will flow back to the bulbs. Then we need to cut off the water.   Most lilies do not have good cold resistance. After the water is cut off, we must keep them in a dry and ventilated environment above zero. At this time, we can help lilies survive the cold winter without pilling. In spring, when everything recovers and the temperature rises, we can resume watering and keep the lilies in a sunny environment. At this time, you can also carry out some simple turning basin operation, add some basal fertilizer, which can better help Lily grow and bloom.

A lot of little friends have cut off the soil directly when they are trimming the lily at the later stage, which is fatal for the lily. If you want to continue watching the lily bloom next year, it's better to buy the seed ball again for planting.