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Key points of Web Design

Nowadays, web design is very important in the construction of Web site, whether it is PC or WAP. High-end and high-quality web design can not only make the web site highly available, but also attract many users and increase the number of hits. Therefore, we must pay attention to several points for high-end web design. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the key points of how to design higher-end web design.

1. Page size

When designing web pages, we should pay attention to the size of web pages, because the size of web pages on both PC side and WAP side changes according to the screen resolution, and the larger the web page is, the higher the definition is, but the web page must not exceed the screen size, so as to avoid unclear web pages and affect the overall effect of the website.

2. Text in web page

In the website, no matter PC or WAP, the text and picture content of web page almost occupy the whole page. Therefore, the notes of text in web design are as follows:

(1) Text size: in addition to the title or some special needs of the text in the web page, the best size of the rest of the text is uniform.

(2) Number of words: the number of words in a web page is determined by the status of the enterprise and the size of the web page, but the text content should also be accurate and highlight the theme.

(3) Text font: text fonts will have different default fonts in different browsers, but when designing text fonts for web pages, they should be good-looking and appropriate, have a strong visual impact, and avoid user boredom.

3. Page layout

Web page layout is very important in web page design. A good web page layout can be applied to a wide range of fields. Therefore, the layout design of web pages must be rationalized, with a sense of hierarchy, orderly display, orderly content distribution, so that users can feel comfortable at a glance.