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In marriage, women want men to love more, and they need to change their roles


When you decide to enter the marriage hall at the same time, you need to understand a truth.

Marriage and love are really different.

When we are in love, we always show our best to each other.

Whether it's a woman or a man, before going to an appointment, they will have a good grooming before meeting each other.

Men wear handsome clothes and fashionable hairstyles, while women wear beautiful clothes and delicate makeup.

Because both sides want to impress each other and help this perfect date.

But in marriage, the opposite is true.

If you step into marriage, all you have to do is to actively expose your shortcomings.

When you take the initiative to say your shortcomings, this is to give the other party vaccination.

If the other side can accept your shortcomings, in the process of getting along, the relative advantages of you are constantly emerging.

In this way, the other party will expect more and more from you.


If love is a frolic between two children, then marriage is a game between two adults.

In marriage, if women do these four roles, your life will be more and more happy, and naturally your husband will love you more and more.

The first role: a man's wife.

If you marry a man and you are his wife.

There is no perfect person in this world.

Of course, there are no perfect men and women.

Women, first of all, should be kind, considerate and reasonable.

Some people say that the first thing to tie a man's heart is to tie his stomach.

Therefore, women should make good dishes, clean up the house, and take care of men's daily life.


The second kind of role: man's lover.

Balzac once said, "the secret of long-term love between husband and wife is that women are dignified and their husbands are seductive."

In marriage, two people get along with each other day and night, which will produce two results. One is that the relationship will get better and better, but the relationship will get worse and worse.

Ma Dong once said, "touching your wife's hand is like touching your right hand with your left hand."

The meaning of this sentence is that he and his wife are both old husbands and wives. If they hold hands again, they will have no passion before.

Although this is only a joke, but out of a profound truth.

After getting along with each other for a long time, the relationship between the two people may become weak, so the marriage needs to be kept fresh.

Women play a key role at this time. You should keep your marriage fresh from time to time.

For example, if two people are separated for several days in a month, it will create a joy of small difference rather than new marriage.

Or the couple's irregular date and so on.


Third: the man's mother.

No one is impregnable. Whether it's a woman or a man.

From small to large, men are taught "men don't cry.".

However, men also have sad times.

Therefore, women should be able to accept that men are sometimes weak and sometimes not so strong.

And use your unique gentleness to comfort and encourage each other.

Fourth: a man's friend.

We often hear a man saying, "don't you understand men's business?"

Some women close their mouths when they hear it, but some choose another way.