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How to make Narcissus grow less leaves and more flowers?

Village Song knows that Narcissus cultivated by sufficient light, low temperature (room temperature can still grow at about 5 degrees) and water have wide and thick leaves, thick green leaves, strong and straight stems, rich fragrance and long flowering period. Lack of light, such as long-term indoor, coupled with high water temperature, the Narcissus must be short flowers and long leaves, and even leaves will fall.

1、 How can ability make its leaf not grow a few to bud? 1. You start by picking bulbs. Good quality Narcissus head is big, solid, root disc is wide, fat and sunken, and the coat is dark brown and bright. This kind of narcissus bulb has accumulated enough nutrients for flowering. It can blossom, bloom well and bloom early. Moreover, it only needs water conservation and no fertilizer. Narcissus in water is the most simple, very suitable for clean family maintenance.

If you still feel uncertain, you can simply buy carved Narcissus balls. After carving, you can see the naked flower buds. If there are several buds, you can open several flowers. Just pay attention that if the flower buds have been cut, you can't bloom well.

2. Buy back the carved bulbs and soak them in water for one day. When soaking, the water should be more. Make sure that the bulb is immersed in the water and the wound is downward. After soaking, the mucus, residual sludge, residual roots and dead skin were removed. Soaking can prevent the bulb from rotting and discoloration, because the mucus flowing out of narcissus bulb is rich in nutrients, easy to breed bacteria, and easy to make the white bulb brown, affecting the viewing. So after soaking must be washed with water, until the mucus is washed.

3. In order to ensure the rapid growth of new roots and prevent the wound from turning yellow and black, the bulb wound and bulb disc should be covered with absorbent cotton, gauze or napkin. When mulching, part or all of the mulch should be immersed in water, so that the germinating roots can absorb water and prevent the new roots from withering. After the roots grow out, if they are still under the sunlight, they should be covered, otherwise the direct sunlight will easily scorch the roots. If they are close to flowering, the mulch can be removed carefully to fully expose the strong and white roots. Jade petals, green stems and leaves, white root system, all show the beauty of Narcissus.

4. The indoor temperature should be controlled at about 5-10 degrees. At the beginning of hydroponics, it should be fully exposed to light at a lower temperature (0 degrees is better). The specific method is as follows: as long as there is no freezing outside in the daytime, the Narcissus should be placed outdoors in the sunny area to receive direct sunlight as much as possible. If the sunlight is too much, cover it with paper, and take it back to the room at night and pour out the water, It can make the leaves shorter and fewer, so that the flower buds begin to develop.

5. The suitable depth of water is 2 ~ 3 cm. If the water depth is too deep, the root system will grow rapidly, but the growth of flower stem will be affected. In the first half month of soaking, whether there are flowers or not, the water should be changed every day. After that, the water can be changed every other day to keep the water clean (the water quality must be good). If the water is not clean, or if the water is not changed for many days, the roots are easy to change color or even rot. Good water and frequent change can promote flower bud differentiation.

6. Narcissus has a characteristic: the later it is planted, the earlier the scape will appear. If it is planted too early, the leaves will grow very long, and the scape has not been drilled out. The growth of Narcissus is restricted by climate to a certain extent. The growth and flowering period of Narcissus is about 30 days. If you plant early, Narcissus will grow leaves first and then bloom. If you plant later, Narcissus will blossom before you grow many leaves. Therefore, we must grasp the time of planting. In the places with high temperature, sowing time can be a little later, and in places with low temperature, sowing time can be advanced.

In order to make the flowering longer, put a little salt in the water, so that the Narcissus will bloom longer.