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New rules of marriage law: when divorce, all these five things belong to the man, and the woman can't take any money away

Welcome to Wenyi to talk about life. Thank you for your time to read the wonderful articles. Today, I'd like to tell you: the new rules of marriage law: when divorce, all these five things belong to the man, and the woman can't take any money away. If you like, you can pay attention. If you have different views and opinions, you can leave a message!

Now, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of quality of life is not the same, so now there are many divorces. Whether it's the post-80s, the post-90s or the post-00s, marriage is a child's play. No matter how long we stay together, we don't care how deep our feelings are. As long as we feel that we can't get along with each other at that time, we will take the road of divorce 。

Now young people enter the society relatively early, their psychology is relatively mature, and they don't know much about the long relationship between men and women. So as long as they meet the right person, they will talk about marriage. After marriage, they will divorce because of various discord. This phenomenon is simply too common for now. No matter whether the family agrees or not, whether they have children or not, as long as they feel alive If you can't live, you get divorced. There are many young people who live together without a license. Except for those who don't get a license, the rest are no different from marriage. However, they can't get along because of some minor conflicts or other reasons. They can't get a divorce because they don't have a marriage certificate. So they split up in a bad mood, just like falling in love. If they're not suitable, they should be separated Marriage is a child's play. Even those who have children after marriage can't prevent divorce. Although it is said that children are the parents' hindrance, children are the burden of parents for young people now. They are unwilling to take their children away after divorce, so they have to be taken care of by their grandmothers. Such parents are the most irresponsible, only for their own consideration, regardless of the children. Therefore, the state has issued the policy After a lot of policies, it is not so easy to think about divorce!

In 2018, the state introduced a new marriage law, which had a great impact on the society. Not only is divorce no longer so easy, but also there are new policies on property division after divorce. Therefore, it is important to be careful about divorce now, and it is not until you regret it in the end. Now the most troublesome thing in divorce is the distribution of property. Often because of the unreasonable distribution of property, the husband and wife get red in the face, and even go to court because of the property problem. Now, the marriage law also introduces a new policy. When a man and a woman divorce, all the four things will belong to the man, and the woman will not get a cent. Let's see what the four are Something!

First: the house that the man bought before marriage

Divorce is the most troublesome problem for the property division of the house. However, we still need to know that if the house is fully purchased by the man in marriage, or by the man's family, the house does not belong to the property division after the divorce. Only if the divorce is required, the house belongs to the man's family or the man's personal property, because it belongs to the man's family Personal property. What's more, unless you make the house a just property for the husband and wife before marriage, but the house is still paid by the man, and the woman is also present when applying for the house property certificate, and the woman is also signing, then the house will be the joint property of the husband and wife!

Second: compensation for work-related injury

If the south gets compensation for work-related injury before marriage, the money belongs to her own personal property. After divorce, the woman is not qualified to distribute it. She must know that not all property can be divided or taken away after divorce.

Third: the man's personal belongings

See this is not a lot of people are very confused, personal goods can be divided, but inevitably there will be such a phenomenon. For example, some clothes, daily necessities and some high-end electronic products bought by the woman for the man during the marriage belong to the man. If two people divorce, the man's personal belongings should belong to the man. The woman should not buy these things because they are her own. If you think so, you are wrong It belongs to the man's personal belongings, so the woman is not eligible to take it away. So, since it's not easy for two people to get together and get married, don't take the road of divorce because of a little bit of small things and conflicts. We should think more about it!