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English Enlightenment to do well, it is better to learn these moves first

My family yoyo is 6 years old. When she was just able to speak Chinese, I tried classes on various platforms. I think one more language means one more skill.

The students who were passed out of the test class were:

â‘  All English teaching, my children do not understand, do not know what the teacher is doing. It's too frustrating for children to learn and walk away.

â‘¡ Too long a course, the child's concentration is not particularly long, learning to learn do not want to learn. X challenge your child's concentration.

In all kinds of exploration, we choose the one suitable for ourselves. The whole course is 15 minutes, including animation, interactive exercises and picture books.

In the process of learning, we must:

1. Peace of mind

Because we don't ask the newborn to call their parents directly, so when our children are learning English, if they don't open their mouths, we must be calm and accompany them to learn together.

2. Be a little fan of children

When a child has a good word to say, we must specifically encourage the child. For example: "baby, you said sheep is a good standard, and mother should learn from you" to be a small fan of the baby.

3. Encourage children to try and make mistakes

There must be many mistakes when mastering a new skill. We should encourage children to try and make mistakes, and then help them adjust them slowly. Don't let the children just open their mouths and read, and you can correct the sound nearby. In this way, children will be very disgusted, and think that their reading is wrong, and will doubt themselves every time.

For example, if your child got two little stars, you might as well tell me about the scene when you were a child and then made great efforts to achieve the best scene.

Let the child understand: wrong does not matter, the important thing is to practice more.

Therefore, to do a good job in English Enlightenment, we can first accompany our children to try lessons, then we can accompany them to study, and finally help them to use them in real life scenes


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